[1999] deeproot.net

It all starts with a domain name!

Many things begin with Idealism, a domain name and good intentions. And lot of youthful hope. So did DeepRoot.

The idea:

“Root Linux Deep into Everything - Mind, Life, Technology”


deeproot.net was registered with generous support and mentoring from Mayank Tandon, founder of Webmasters-India.net. Not only did Mayank register and host the domain and its email (and later the business) but also served as the best sounding board for what deeproot might actually do.

Later, he would serve as DeepRoot’s co-founder and first and wholesome supporter. In 1999 - just before the .com bubble burst and the Internet hype blew over and “Linux” was just exploding, Mayank was exploring the world of Cobalt RAQ servers, the brand new Apache with HTTP/1.1 and name-based virtual hosting, free email scripts written in Perl and which sold for $1000. Plus - of course - telnet over dial-up.

Needless to say, Abhas learnt a lot from him.

Abhas’ First Web Page in 1997


This was Abhas’ first personal web page in 1997:

It was called “Cerulean International” at that time.