[2000] IT.COM Bangalore

More domains, Idealism & Foolishness!

When you don’t know better, you can do things that seemingly look “foolish” in retrospect! Yes - why else would you spend money to take up a stall at the biggest computer trade show with hand-painted posters and without much of a product to show for?

Domain Names

The next thing we did was quickly register 4 domain names via NCST in Mumbai:

  • deeproot.co.in

    The official “corporate” domain to replace deeproot.in.

  • deeproot.org.in

    The domain meant for non-profit initiatives of DeepRoot. At that time, one had to justify the request for domain registration and the one for this domain was that it would host the “DeepRoot Free Software Foundation”. This was never launched, of course.

  • kernel.org.in

    This was meant to be the official Indian mirror for kernel.org, tldp.org and gnu.org and other such repositories. It was eventually launched in 2001.

  • opensource.org.in

    The justification for this domain was that it would serve as a “community hub” to promote free software. This too was never launched.

Laminated domain certificates

The First DeepRoot Logo

August 2000

DeepRoot got formally registered as a Private Limited company at the Registrar of Companies (RoC), Ahmedabad.

The Linux Pavillion at IT.COM

Since the IT.Com had a dedicated “Linux Pavillion” we took up a stall there to show case the “DeepStore NAS” effort.

It was a good event – we made friends with many other companies and individuals who were a part of the free software community at that time.


DeepStore was an ambitious NAS solution that was powered by a 3WARE IDE Hardware RAID controller and ReiserFS.

The LCD Display

One of the coolest things about what we used to do at that time was a small LCD panel on the front face of the tower server. Unfortunately no pictures remain of that effort.

The First Placeholder Web Page