[2006] The public release of deepOfix Messaging Server

The deepOfix Messaging Server v3.0 Release

In December 2006, we finally released the deepOfix Mail Server under the GNU GPLv2 (or later). It took tremendous effort by a small and dedicated team to document and test everything, polish out all the obvious bugs and make the whole operating system usable for everyone.

We have not been able to match that vigour, purpose or delivery. Here are some of those who were a part of the team that made it possible to make a deepOfix public release:

The deepOfix v3 Release Website

We went back to Drupal for this website.

It was a very extensive website. It had a deepOfix installation and usage manual, a list of projects for students (with a form to apply for the same) and so many other services and solutions on offer.

The Sourcefoge.net home page

The first release of deepOfix was via Sourceforge.net:

The “misunderstanding” on linux-india-general mailing list in 2002

In 2002, a small “misunderstanding” arose on 2002 that DeepRoot might be in violation of the GPL. You can read the entire discussion here.

Here is a screenshot of the summary:

The public release of deepOfix in 2006 was also an affirmation the very early commitment to the principles of free software and community.

The Benefits of deepOfix

The deepOfix Installer

At that time, we used to patch the Linux kernel with the bootsplash patches so that we could have pretty console screens like this.

The release announcement

Some feedback

From RMS:

A public posting by Kenneth on ILUG-D:

A personal email from Kenneth

A personal email from Prof Satish Annigeri:

The deepOfix Install Manual - ToC