[2012] Abrashare, Document Archival & the biggest helpdesk yet!

How do you share files securely?

This is still a challenging problem for most of us to handle - especially if our focus is self-hosting, free software and data privacy.

We developed Abrashare to enable an oraganisation to share files of all sizes securely within the organisation as well as with external users. At the peak of its development, we had three large production instances of Abrashare:

  • JSW - The initial solution was developed for a custom JSW/JSoft requirement. They used it mainly to share files with users outside the organisation. The goal was to share large files and to retain control on how many times a shared file could be downloaded or from where or by whom. They also wanted to do this from within their network and hence, propreitary services were not an option.

  • Mindtree - Mindtree integrated abrashare into their corporate Intranet portal and we enabled integrated with for all their users via the existing LDAP directory. They used it for more than 2 years and it was a very useful solution for them.

  • Expat Properties - Expat used it primarily to share large files, securely.

Today you can do most of this using Nextcloud and its very effortless. But in 2012, using Ruby on Rails and MongoDB to solve this problem elegantly was a lot of fun and good business as well.

An Archival System for financial documents at JSW

What do you do when you have warehouses full of documents that you can’t destroy, that must remain accessible and that you want to keep adding it? Of course, paper doesn’t scale as well as a web-application!

We helped JSW manage and maintain scanned financial documents (Eg. vouchers / invoices etc) in a multi-user web application with extensive logging and role-based access control. They add approximately 12000 documents per month. At the moment, there are lakhs of scanned documents which are archived and accessible by users at JSW.

How do you help a large organisation track requests across departments?

We build a custom helpdsk for JustDial and till date, it is the largest helpdesk we built in terms of user-base. This helpdesk connected their maintenance, IT, admin and HR departments and made it possible for all 15000+ employees at JustDial across all their offices to log, track and service requests.